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5 Ways Confidence Will Make You Wealthy

Has it ever crossed your mind why confidence is a common quality of successful people? If you’re keen enough, I’m sure you’ve noticed that confident and wealthy individuals have a heightened sense of self-worth, compared to the average Joe. It turns out; their confidence is greatly responsible for their success and here are 5 reasons why confidence will make you wealthy!

Number 1: You Won’t Be Afraid To Fail

In a world where our brains are formatted for success, the idea of landing in loser town can make anyone run away in fear. For example, picture this. You have this million-dollar business idea that you’ve been working on for the longest time. But when you’re about to launch it, your inner-voice brings to your attention a similar business that failed a few months back. This voice persists in reminding you that if your business hits the wall, you’ll have very little savings to fall back on. In such an instance, what do you do?

Well, the average, timid fellow will quickly retract, put their business plans on hold, or forget about them altogether. On the other hand, the confident person will drown out the voice of doubt and forge ahead with their plans despite the uncertainty. It’s not that they are void of fear, but they simply do not allow fear to have power over their future. Confident people do things even when they are afraid.

So, how does this work? You see, confidence will enable you to have faith in your abilities. When you trust yourself, no amount of fear or future risk will stop you from doing something you can do.

And this is why fortune favors the bold and over-confident people. These people make big business moves even if the future looks foggy and dim. They take the mantle and lead other people through shaky grounds because they know their talent and abilities are unmatched. Similarly, acquiring the habit of holding your abilities in high regard will sharpen the likelihood of trumping your inner fears and hitting at success.

Number 2: You Won’t Attach Your Self-worth To Your Material Possessions

Have you ever wondered why Steve Jobs steered a wildly successful tech company in the most frugal dress code? In response to a related question, the reaction of one wealthy entrepreneur went something like this, “Every day I get up to a closet hung with the very same slacks and the very same shoes. Elegant, yes, but the very same. I do that so that I don’t have to think about what to wear. I choose not to think about it because I prefer to think about much more important things, like our brand, our operating system and our positioning in the world.”

Now this response embodies the highest level of confidence and passes along one crucial message. If you want to step out of the confines of your present status, you have to look at the bigger picture. This bigger picture has nothing to do with your material possessions. It has nothing to do with the price tag on your clothes or the model of your latest car. Instead, the bigger picture has everything to do with the strides you make with your business, career, or investments. You should channel most of your energy towards these things. What matters is nurturing things that money can’t buy, because they reflect sustainable growth.

Borrow this safe advice from Steve Job’s lifestyle. This guy chose to overlook superficial things like how cheap his dress code was. But despite wearing clothes that both you and I could easily afford, Steve Jobs’ confidence reserved him space in big decision-making tables. He still was invited to distill his business gems to elite business professionals simply because of his confidence.

But we can all agree on one thing. It takes an impressive level of confidence to dislodge one’s self-worth from their material possession. For most people, being super-rich creates the false impression that they are the most important person in the room. And for others, having little money in their bank accounts dips their self-confidence and discourages them from applying for extraordinary opportunities.

If you want to become rich, don’t become too obsessed with success to the extent of pegging your self-worth with material possession.

Number 3: You Will Be Willing To Ask For What You Deserve

One common culprit of delayed success is timidity. A timid person is one who is easily intimidated. Such people tend to cringe inside their cocoons because they fear taking up space. If you ask me, possessing such a trait is the fastest avenue to stagnation and failure. Why is that? See, when you continuously dwell under the belief that you don’t deserve good things, or that other people are better than you, you’ll miss out on life-changing opportunities. You’ll be scared to stand up for yourself and ask for what you deserve, even when you’re in an excellent position to do so. And this is why confidence is a cardinal trait of wildly successful individuals.

Now, confidence is the opposite of timidity. Unlike the first group, confident people are bold, even in spaces full of people that are above them. Instead of being intimidated, confident people feel even more inspired and empowered enough to let their voices be heard in such rooms.

So, how will this make you rich?

First, integrating confidence into your personality will give you an edge at critical decisions making tables. I’m talking about tables like salary negotiations and important business deals. It’s only a handful of people that dare to walk into their boss’ office to ask for a salary increment. Such confident people have trust in the value of service they offer their employer, which still boils down to being confident.

Secondly, as a business owner, self-confidence is an underlying factor that determines how you price your products or services. When you’re confident in the value you bring to the table, you won’t feel the need to lower your prices to attract customers. Instead, you’ll set prices in a way that enables you to make substantial profits and still attract high-value clients. Actually, when you’re confident, you will never walk away before receiving your money’s worth. You’ll turn away inferior quality products and demand better deals that save you money. As long as you know what you bring to the table, never be afraid to ask for what you deserve.

Sometimes, being bold and speaking up can roll out the welcome mat into a better world. A world where your salary is high and sustainable because you were confident enough to ask for a raise. A world where your freelancer rates are impressive because you were bold enough to turn down lower rates and a world where your business is thriving because the value you provide your customers is worth the high price they pay you.

Number 4: You Won’t Hesitate To Invest

While many people possess the dream of owning successful investments, it’s only a few who are confident enough to make the first step. The truth is, pulling the trigger on investment requires courage. Because as they say, investing is a two-way street- you either fail or you succeed. The good thing with being confident is that instead of letting the all-consuming fear of failing diminish your dreams, you’ll focus on the bright side.

Confident investors are more likely to trump self-doubt and venture into the high risk- high reward investment aisles. They always see themselves succeeding, and as a result, they take on big challenges.

Confidence contributes to investment success in numerous ways. For one, confidence enables an investor to make bold decisions concerning their finances or investments. Such choices can sometimes involve ditching the old ways of doing things and embracing change. In the business world, it could mean putting your money in a new market or ramping up your investment strategy when the old one fails to yield results. For a fact, all these things require confidence and self-belief.

Remember, success is the only endgame. It’s a result of a string of small but crucial business decisions that gloss over the outcome. If you make these decisions wisely, then the road ahead will be smoother and more precise. Such small findings include the companies to invest in, how much money to plough into a financial market, and whether or not to seek financial guidance.

Taking an example of the stock market, the confident investor always comes out triumphant. Confidence is what makes stock owners hold onto their stocks for long periods. As the unsure investor rushes to sell their stocks when the market starts to underperform, the confident one resists following the crowd.

These investors take their time to study the market, draw their inferences and make decisions that they hold on to. If you go into an investment without confidence, you’ll fall for any investment hype you come across.

Also, confidence will enable you as an investor to learn from your mistakes. Instead of looking at failure as the endgame, you’ll see it as a chance to go back to the drawing board and re-configure your game plan. Without confidence, however, you’ll let business failures dim your shine and discourage you from trying again. One common trait of confident people is that they never give up easily. They believe that every day is a new chance to give life another shot, and this is a quality everyone should have. Especially those that want to become wealthy and successful.

Number 5: You Will Be Able To Connect With Other Successful People

You are likely to encounter two types of people in any social event. There’s the bubbly social butterfly that seems to strike a chord with everyone, and there’s the shy one that sits at the back and blends into the background without being noticed. You see, if we bring these two people to a comparison table and measure their odds of hitting the millionaire mark, the social guy stands a better chance.

And here’s why. The social person finds it easy approaching people and pulling the right strings. Assuming this person has a business or is job-hunting, they’ll probably exit that event with a couple of leads. It could be more potential customers or a CEO at a company that eventually hits him for a job interview. Such is the power of networking.

Of these two camps, I’m not sure where you fall, but allow me to amplify the cliché sentiment that your network is your net worth. Having said this, networking can be a hassle if you lack the confidence to connect with different people. Successful networking usually involves walking up to people you’ve never met before and striking a conversation that enables you to sell yourself to them. And it doesn’t end there. You have to follow up on the people you connect with and strike a genuine connection with them. This will only be possible if you truly feel great about yourself. Feeling great in the sense that you love how you look, what you do, and what you own in the present moment.

The lack of confidence, on the other hand, will have you loitering in the streets of bashfulness and timidity. If you don’t believe in your present skills or plans, then you’ll have it rough connecting with people who are already rich. You’ll miss out on talking to successful people from whom you can draw life-changing lessons and habits.

Self-confidence also helps in connecting with the people you’re put in charge of. As a business owner, for example, self-confidence will enable your employees to trust you and believe in your decision-making skills. This way, you’ll be able to create a firmly knit team that’s moving in a similar direction.

There you go! Those are the five ways confidence will make you wealthy!

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