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Greg Doucette Taught Me To Be Rich

In this article, I want to share exactly how Greg Doucette, better known as “Coach Greg” inspired me to “make money harder than last time”.

So first off, who is Greg Doucette? Greg Doucette or better known as Coach Greg is a fitness YouTuber and professional screamer, with over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube. While most people know Greg as being a shredded and ripped or “shripped” has he puts it, IFPP Pro, there’s much more to this wildly popular YouTube personality.

Prior to getting serious about YouTube, Greg actually worked as an elementary and high school teacher. As you can see, Greg was a master of many domains and prided himself on being able to help mould the minds of his students. Now, Greg will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t appear to be the smartest guy around however in reality he’s quite a well educated man. Having obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, he’s definitely put in the time to gain all the knowledge and wisdom he currently possesses.

However, Greg’s sharing of knowledge extends way beyond the classroom. Greg’s coached more than a thousand clients on how they can optimize their diet, training and nutrition. With all of his education and experience, Greg knows he can charge a premium for his services and let me tell you he does. As you can see, his personalized plans range from $1,500 to $2,500. Now, seeing these kinds of prices may deter some people from jumping on board but there’s no doubt that the results his clients realize are impressive which is why he continues to gain financial success in this area of his business.

In fact, one could easily assume that Greg could live strictly off money he earned in this way. Don’t forget, it wasn’t that long ago that he was working as a teacher, which isn’t known as being the highest paying job in the world. At the time of making this video, teacher salaries in Nova Scotia, where Greg resides, range from $45,000-$95,000 a year.

Greg would need just 2 to 4 new clients a month to cover match this monthly salary on a monthly basis. It’s for this reason that I assume he moved away from teaching as financially it wasn’t worth his time to teach via a more traditional means. However, as fruitful as coaching has been for Coach Greg, the reality is that this method of earning an income is limited by the same issue that his teaching salary was and this is where I am going to get into how Greg Doucette taught me to be rich.

You see, whether you are a teacher, a fitness coach, a nurse, you name it, you will always be limited to the amount of reach you possess. This limited reach is the main detractor of your financial success. Let me explain further using context from Coach Greg’s past and current positions.

In the case of his teaching tenure, Greg was limited to teaching classes of thirty students. The source of funding to support his efforts were of course coming from the government so this in itself limited his capacity to earn a large salary. Of course, this issue remains true for all elementary and high school teachers, so this obviously isn’t Greg’s fault.

Then, there’s Coach Greg’s coaching business. As I already mentioned, he’s making bank on a per client basis but again he can only service so many clients at one time, especially if he is combining this offering alongside teaching or tending to his own training etc. In short, in both circumstances, Greg has a ton of knowledge to share but lacks the channels to disburse it beyond his current audience.

Now, before you start feeling bad for Greg, let me remind you that he has an audience of over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube and 250,000+ on Instagram and it’s by these avenues that Greg’s been able to explode his income in recent years.

Before I get into how Greg’s made one fundamental change in his business model to exponentially increase his income, I think it’s worth sharing his journey on the YouTube platform to date. While many of his newer subscribers probably assume he’s an overnight success, Greg’s actually an OG in the YouTube world. Coach Greg, or as he was referred to as, The Mutant”, uploaded his first YouTube video 13 years ago on December 10, 2007. After posting somewhat regularly since then, Greg’s channel has grown but it saw an explosion of new followers over the course of 2020. From January 2020 until the end of the year, Greg’s channel jumped from 189,000 subscribers to 875,000 subscribers. In my opinion, much of this growth comes from his ridiculous publishing schedule, which sees has him posting 2 videos a day! In fact, I think he’s even gone as far as posting three times a day and with this commitment combined with his knack for finding popular video themes like his wildly popular “Natty or not” series, Greg’s become a master of the platform.

While this commitment to content creation has certainly raised his social clout, it has also brought on some hate however as Rico Richie says “if you ain’t got no haters, you ain’t poppin”. But, without a doubt, this rise to social media fame has brought Coach Greg one thing and that’s money! I’ll admit that the amount of money he was making went right over my head for a while until he posted a video of the new car he was waiting on. This car, one that Greg can barely figure out the name to, sells for a staggering $182,000. That’s not exactly a car you buy on a teacher’s salary but it is one that you buy when you employ the same income strategy that coach Greg has. So what strategy is that exactly?

For many years, Coach Greg had only one half of the income pie working in his favour. He was an intelligent guy with a ton of knowledge from not only his formal education but his experience working with and being a professional bodybuilder. However, knowledge alone isn’t enough to strike it rich in the world we live in today. Take Elon Musk as an example. There’s no doubt that he thinks at a brain frequency that dwarfs most other humans but he would never have rose to the level financial and innovative success that he’s had if he just sat at home and kept all of his ideas, no matter how grand they were, to himself. And this is where the second, and final piece of the pie comes into the picture. If you want to be rich, you must not only possess valuable knowledge but you must learn to distribute it as well. This is where Coach Greg was struggling until he started his YouTube journey.

Nowadays, everyone and their grandmother wants to be bigger and leaner which has been a blessing for Coach Greg’s channel’s growth. As of the time of making this video, Greg Doucette has almost 200 million views on YouTube and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be slowing down anytime soon. His commitment to publishing a ton of content now allows him to reach hundreds of thousands of people every day. On the surface, this of course means that Greg is making a boatload of ad revenue. Coach Greg himself has said that he makes about $6 per 1000 views. Greg averages 350,000 a day which is a cool $2,100, PER DAY, just in ad revenue alone. That’s like one full paycheck that he would have been receiving in two weeks as a teacher. On an annualized scale, that’s over $750,000 in ad revenue!

But, if you’re talking about Coach Greg, you obviously can’t overlook his famous cookbook. We are now on iteration two of this well-known meal plan guide and this is another very prominent means of making money for him. Now, obviously there is no way for me to know for sure how much money Greg is making off his signature product but we can run a hypothetical situation to see what revenue from this product might be. As I already mentioned in this video, Greg is averaging 350,000 views a day or roughly 11 million views a month. If just 0.1% of his viewers buy his cookbook, which is currently priced at $149 then Greg would be netting himself an astounding $1.6 million a month. Even if this estimation is off my 95%, Greg would still be reeling in well into the 5-figures a month on cookbook sales alone.

When you start to analyze the math of this potential scenario and add to that the numerous other ways online personalities are making money, it’s no wonder that seeing them driving expensive vehicles and living in mansions is becoming more commonplace! But, Greg’s financial success, nor the financial success of anyone with this kind of reach would ever had been in this position if they had kept their expertise to themselves or had limited it in the way that many people do.

Now, I would be quite the hypocrite if I had absorbed all of this information but failed to put it into action myself. In effect, I would be squandering my potential to share my own wealth of knowledge with those who could use it to benefit themselves similar to when Greg was teaching to small classes or working one-on-one with clients. So how did I do it?

Simple, I copied the model that has been successful for tons of others before me and started my own YouTube channel. However, the channel I am referring to is my other channel, Betterment Boss. After realizing certain financial limitations by own job had, I knew I had to work to expand my reach and YouTube was, and still is, the best way to reach a ton of people. Through this platform, I can provide value to thousands, and sometimes millions, of people a month which not only nets me ad revenue but course sales as well.

In summation, how did Greg Doucette teach me to be rich? He taught me that when you combine valuable knowledge and proper distribution of said knowledge, you will then have a license to print money!

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