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How To Build A $5,000+ Per Month Twitter Business In Less Than 2 Hours A Week

Lead by Adam Del Duca
(@adam_delduca on Twitter)

Learn how to build your own Twitter Business from someone whose done it himself.

Read on further to see my results and how I can help you start making money on Twitter too!

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Build A Low-Effort Cash Flowing Business

Let's face it, there are many ways to make money online.

However, how many can have you earning $1,000s/mo with only a couple hours of work?

Not many...

But with Tactical Twitter it's possible.

But first, here's how it's worked for me...

With Tactical Twitter, you will learn how to grow FAST...


You'll also unlock unlimited income potential...


My Twitter Story

Have you ever woken up with financial anxiety?

You know, the feeling where you're living to work and not working to live?

This was me a year ago before starting on Twitter

With rising cost of living and the pressure to keep up I needed to create a new stream of income

However, my free time was limited...

When I started, I had to:
- Work my demanding 9-5 job
- Spend time with my girlfriend, family and friends
- Meal prep and exercise

And the list goes on...

This is when I started to dig in and find the best ways to:
- Grow a credible Twitter account
- Monetize across various price ranges
- Systemize my Twitter business to limit my time involvement

By doing so, I've been able to:
- Land multiple 4-figure clients
- Sell $1,000s of products
- Work with billion dollar brands
- Reduce my financial anxiety (most important)

Now, I want to help you do the same...


$1B+ Company


$1B+ Company


Average month of passive product sales (August 2022)

Why Tactical Twitter?

Most people approach Twitter all wrong...

They spend months or years on the platform and never learn how to grow or monetize

Well, Tactical Twitter ensures that isn't you

The program has three primary goals:
- Build a reputable Twitter account
- Generate income through numerous channels (brand deals, sponsors, product and services sales)
- Limit Twitter involvement to 2 hours a week

How to accomplish all three goals is clearly outlined in Tactical Twitter

All you have to do is start...

The Tactical Twitter Promise

All Tactical Twitter members are promised two outcomes:

Promise #1: 5,000 more followers
Promise #2: $5,000 per month income system

And...we will not stop working together until you make your first $1,000

That's my promise to you.

The Time Is Now

There literally has never been a better time to build a business on Twitter

Unlike in the past, there are now clearly defined strategies to grow fast and monetize

If you would like to work with someone who's built a 30,000 fan following

And generates a recurring 4-figure income every month on the platform

Then continue reading...


If you would like to learn how to...

  • Create an enticing Twitter bio

  • Write viral tweets and threads

  • Develop the perfect product or service to sell

  • Manage your account in 2 hours a week or less

   Then Tactical Twitter is for you...

   If you agree, feel free to apply for the program below...


If the fit is right - I will email you within 48 hours for next steps...